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Welcome to Hip Surgery.Me

This website is designed to answer some of your questions about common hip problems.  It has been created by a hip specialist, Mr Philip Stott.  It is not meant to be completely diagnostic, and patients with ongoing problems should always seek the advice of a healthcare professional


Hip pain can be miserable.   There are many causes and treatments for pain around your hip. Pain can come from damaged muscles, nerves or joints.
It can often be confused with pain coming from your spine or sacro-iliac joint.
Sometimes hip pain is felt in your knee or even on your calf.


Information can be found about some common hip conditions and treatments using the menu above, or by clicking the links below

Hip Arthritis

hip oa a.png

Hip Replacement

Recovery after Hip Replacement

hip oa a.png

Hip Muscle Repair

GTPS 2.jpg

Revision Hip Replacement

simple 2.png

Hip Arthritis


Lateral Hip Pain

Lateral hip pain 1.png

Revision Hip Replacement

SIJ pain.png
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