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Mr Philip Stott

Professional Profile

Mr Stott specialises in treating hip disorders ranging from sports men and women or someone having their first hip replacement to the patient who has problems with their fifth hip! He is fascinated by how hip surgery and treatment have improved over the last 2 decades.  Mr Stott enjoys guiding patients through the complexity of modern hip treatments, including surgery. 

Not all patients require surgery. Mr Stott will help you consider options other than surgery when you and he feel that is appropriate.

Mr Stott only treats conditions around the hip and pelvis. He does not do knees / ankles / shoulders etc.  This allows him to focus on painful hip conditions. There are no  other surgeons in Sussex who offer such a range of hip procedures as he regularly performs.   He treats hip conditions from teenagers /  young adults through middle ages to centenarians. He regularly receives referrals from the neighbouring counties as well as other surgeons in Sussex for patients with pain,  difficult problems or for patients requiring complex revision surgery.

Mr Stott publishes regularly on hip disorders, and is often asked to speak on different hip conditions.  Mr Stott runs national and international hip courses.

After attending medical school in London he did most of his basic surgical training in and around Brighton. He completed his DPhil (PhD) at Sussex University in Biomechanical Engineering. This work has changed how surgeons are trained.

He then went on to train on the St. George's Hospital Orthopaedic rotation. He completed a trauma fellowship in New Zealand and then joint replacement and pelvic fracture fellowships at St. George's Hospital in Tooting.  He has visited many units throughout Europe to gain experience in hip treatments.

During his training Mr Stott quickly became interested in hip problems.  He was attracted to pelvic fractures as a way to gain expertise with pelvic/hip anatomy and disorders.  He uses modern and recognised techniques, regularly attending and participating in conferences that find the best way to treat or replace hips.  He uses a minimally invasive and muscle sparing technique for most of his hip replacements (where safe and applicable).  This allows a quicker recovery and smaller scar. Many of his patients can drive after 2 weeks, compared to over 6 weeks for most surgeons.

He has an interest in the treatment of infected joint replacements, complex hip replacements and in patients with massive bone loss having revision surgery.  Mr Stott also performs hip replacement surgery in the NHS as well as privately, now exclusively at the Montefiore Hospital Hove.   He regularly operates on patients with complex fractures around the pelvis or around joint replacements. 

Sometimes a damaged or partially worn hip can be salvaged.  Mr Stott is the only surgeon in East Sussex who arthroscopically repairs hip labral tears, and treats early cartilage damage using cutting-edge techniques, including the use of stem cells and cartilage patches.

Muscles can cause pain as well as joints. Mr Stott regularly repairs and treats muscles around the hip and pelvis.  Sometimes he works with other specialists, eg groin speciialists, to treat these difficult injuries in a multi-disciplinary method.

Personal Profile

Outside of work Mr Stott’s interests are his family, mountain biking, and music.

Current memberships;

The British Hip Society
The British Orthopaedic Association
The Royal College of Surgeons of England

The British Medical Association


Financial Interests/Shares

Mr Stott indirectly holds a 3.85% share in Montefiore House Limited, which runs the Montefiore Hospital.

Contact Me

Appointments for Self Pay Patients - 01273 828 148

Appointments for Insured Patients -01273 828 030

2 Montefiore Rd, Hove BN3 1RD

Secretary - 07809 747762

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